Africa: Traveling a vast contient

7 Reasons to Visit Africa in Your Lifetime

Africa has about 62 million visitors per year. With 54 countries on the continent of Africa, that’s not that many people! That’s especially true when you think about everything there is to do in Africa and how many places there are to visit in Africa!

But why should you really visit Africa?

If you are planning an international trip, we have seven reasons why you should take a trip to Africa this year. Read on to learn why!

1. You Can Experience a Safari

It’s not often that you can visit somewhere and go back home to say ‘I went on a safari!’ But if you go to Africa, you can say that!

Going on an African safari is like something you’ve never experienced before. You are out in the vast open in the natural habitat of wild animals. You can see zebras, lions, cheetahs, rhinos, giraffes, gazelle, and so many more out in the vast countryside. And the best part is that it is all-natural – none of the sights are planned – you truly do not know what you are going to see until you do!

There are so many places you can go on a safari in Africa, some of the most popular being:

This is an experience that has to be on your bucket list if it is not already! 

2. See So Many Different African Landscapes

The landscapes around the continent are vastly different from one place to another.

Cape Town is a beautiful coastal town that has mountains and an ocean everywhere you look. On the other hand, if you visit Zimbabwe, you’ll be landlocked but with beautiful scenery like Victoria Falls. Botswana is made up of beautiful rivers and canals that house a plethora of hippos and other wild animals.

If you travel North, you’ll be met by the beautiful and vast Sahara Desert.

3. Get Your Fix of Tasty Wine

Did you know that Africa is known for some of the best wines around the world? Well, it is!

From Stellenbosch to Franschhoek, these areas house some of the best South African wine and some of the best around the world. Not only is the wine delicious from these areas, but the beauty of the landscaping and countryside doesn’t disappoint either. 

With so many places to choose from to stay in these areas, you could end up staying for weeks and months at a time, however, your wallet may be hurting after a while.

4. Experience a Blast From the Past

Africa is full of history. Each country has its own history, but there is enough to keep you busy for years learning it.

If you want to learn more about South Africa’s history, visiting Johannesburg is a great place to go. You can visit some of the exact places where Nelson Mandela spent a lot of his time fighting during the Apartheid movement in South Africa. When you visit Cape Town, you can visit Robben Island to see his prison cell, where he spent 18 of his 27 years behind bars.

5. Have a Unique Hotel Experience 

One of the coolest things about Africa is that there are so many remote areas that you can visit – and want to visit, too!

When you visit these remote areas, a lot of the stays are unique in that they are glamping experiences. This is where you would often stay on a safari as well.

Glamping is a great way to experience the comforts of a hotel while also having nature right outside your window and door. You may even have an elephant or a lion right outside of your window at some points during your stay!

6. Climb One of the Highest Mountains

One of the highest mountains resides in Tanzania – Mount Kilimanjaro. Climbing this mountain is a bucket list experience that you cannot miss out on!

While most people go with a guide, the trip usually lasts about six days – four days to climb and two days to descend to make sure that your body is used to the lack of oxygen. 

Once you climb Mount Kilimanjaro, you can say you climbed the highest free-standing mountain in the world! Now, that’s something to brag about! 

7. Experience Some of the Best Beaches

From an African safari to the mountains of Cape Town, to the Sahara Desert…all the way to tropical beaches. Africa truly does have it all.

If you want to visit a part of Africa where you can just sit back and relax, you can go to some of the best beaches in the world. Or, you can be adventurous for a few days and then end your trip with some R&R.

Zanzibar is a small island that is known to have some of the best beaches and vast diving and snorkeling opportunities as well. 

It’s Time to Visit Africa 

Visiting Africa in your life is a must – there is no question about that. There are so many things to do, places to see, and experiences to have. With 54 countries, there’s more than enough to do.

Most likely, you’ll have to visit Africa a few times to even dip your toes into all that Africa has to offer. But when you do, you’ll want to keep coming back over and over.

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