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Affordable Experience: Your Overview of Incredible Things to Do In Cape Town

Are you thinking about exploring South Africa’s Western Cape Province? This area offers so much cultural diversity, history, and beautiful nature views.

Whether you want to go here to explore wine country, try out some adventurous activities like shark cage diving, or enjoy wandering the streets of Cape Town, there are endless options.

To help you make an itinerary for you when you travel to Cape Town, here’s a list of some of the top things to do in Cape Town when you visit!

Go Wine Tasting

The wine country near Cape Town has so many options for you to choose from. Although it’s a little drive from the city itself, the drive is worth it – and the wine is even more worth it. You’ll understand when you take that first sip.

If you plan to travel to Cape Town, make sure to add in a day or two on your itinerary for wine country. Visiting Stellenbosch will leave you wanting to come back over and over again. The rolling hills, the lush mountains, and the endless vineyards make for a picturesque afternoon of wine tasting. 

Stay at one and book a hotel or hop around to a few!

Try Out Shark Cage Diving 

If you want to try out a bucket list item while you’re in Cape Town, shark cage diving is a must-do. You can check out some tour options to figure out which one suits your needs the best!

Be aware though – the water is going to be chilly! Oh, and you may get a bit scared when a shark gets close!

Explore Table Mountain

When you think of Cape Town, you probably imagine the water with Table Mountain in the background. It serves as a kind of backdrop to the city in most pictures.

You can head to the top of Table Mountain by hiking up or taking a short gondola ride to the top. Don’t forget your camera! You’ll have fantastic views from the top that you won’t want to miss out on some photography.

You’ll also get up close and personal with some of Cape Town’s very own wildlife like porcupines and mongooses!

See the Penguins at Boulders Beach

What’s better than heading over to the beach and seeing hundreds of penguins waddling about? Probably nothing.

Cape Town’s Boulders Beach is the perfect destination to head to if you are a penguin lover! You’ll get up close with the penguins and get some gorgeous shots of the penguins on the beach.

There truly is no experience like this one! You may even forget that you’re actually that close to wild penguins!

Robben Island

If you’re looking for a more cultural experience and a dive deeper into Cape Town and South Africa’s history, you have to visit Robben Island for a half-day while visiting Cape Town.

You’ll learn about the life of the political prisoners that were held here, especially Nelson Mandela. You’ll leave in awe at his will to live and fight for freedom.

While here, you’ll most likely get a tour from a previous political prisoner that was held on Robben Island. You’ll be getting history from someone who actually lived it first-hand.

Explore Kalk Bay

If you want a relaxing day, you should head over to Kalk Bay to explore this quaint area! Explore the shops in the morning and then cool off in the tidal pool nearby!

While you’re here, make sure to enjoy some time at the restaurants and bars to get the feel for the area (and obviously experience the delicious food as well).

Watch the Sunset From Signal Hill

Are you a sunset lover? Then you’ll absolutely love watching the sunset from Signal Hill.

To get to the top, you’ll have to go on an easy hike to get situated where you’ll see the sunset best. Once you reach the top, you’ll be welcomed with views of Table Mountain, Lion’s Head, the surrounding city, and the ocean. From there, you’ll experience the sun dip down right into the ocean and disappear as you cheers to a beautiful sunset in one of your new favorite places.

Take a Stroll on the V&A Waterfront

If you want to get a feel for Cape Town’s charm, head to the V&A Waterfront for a nice stroll through the area.

You’ll see tons of different shops where you may want to buy something to take home with you as well as restaurants to dine in. Be careful though – you could easily spend your entire vacation budget just walking through this area!

There is something for everyone here with over 450 stores to choose from. You may even experience a concert going on in the Amphitheater, so keep your eyes peeled for that!

If you’re not into the shopping scene, the V&A waterfront is a great area to just take in some of the views of the area. There’s usually a ton of people here as well, so people watching won’t disappoint you.

Ready to Try Out These Things to Do in Cape Town?

If you’re ready to try out these things to do in Cape Town, contact one of our travel agents!

They’ll be able to help you plan an itinerary to see everything you hope to see! You’ll also get some expert advice on the different areas and things to do in Cape Town before you show up!

Happy traveling!