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How To Get Paid To Travel

Did you know that travel can make you smarter, happier, and a better problem solver? It is an amazing way to learn about yourself and see the world through a different light.

Whether you travel once a year or are on a plane every other week, there are ways you can maximize this experience. Read on to learn how to get paid to travel. 

Remote Working While Traveling

In this modern work era, it is not uncommon for people to work 100% virtually. Often, this means they can be located wherever they would like, so long as they complete their work during previously agreed-upon hours. An astounding 58% of Americans are telecommuting at least one day a week. 

One of the easiest ways to get paid to travel is to continue your current remote work and bring it to the destinations you would like to visit. Though you may be occupied during work hours, take advantage of the downtime to explore the new area. 

Though many workplaces are encouraging this, talk to your boss and establish an appropriate schedule before you leave. Some companies do not allow remote work outside of the country, so be sure to work in this before you leave. 

Pick Up Work as a Freelance Writer 

Working as a freelance writer during your adventures can greatly cut down on your travel costs. Having some predictable income stream during your trips can allow you to pay for expenses as you go.

Being a freelance writer is one of the best travel tips because it allows you to pick up assignments whenever is convenient for you. You can work with your current skillset, and choose writing pieces that you are familiar with. 

Many content creation agencies supply content for clients on hundreds of subjects.  Whether you are skilled in European Fashion, Southern Cooking, or Summer Cocktails, there are pieces for people from all backgrounds to write. 

Become a Travel Photographer

Did you ever dream as a child of traveling the plains of Africa and taking incredible photos of the wildlife? Or visiting the coast of Italy and capturing photos of the beautiful colorful village?

Believe it or not, being a travel photographer is possible. Sites will pay you real money to share your precious photos with them, for other users to enjoy.

You can help share travel advice by putting your beautiful photos on the internet. Check out this guide to learn how to sell your travel photos. 

Teach English in Another Country

If your hankering to travel is stronger than a short weeklong trip, you may want to consider teaching English in another country. This can allow you to set up a home base abroad, for a longer period. There are programs in countries like Spain, Italy, and China that often set Americans up to teach English to people of all ages.

Though you may not make a lot of money doing this, these arrangements often cover living expenses. Your program may cover your room and board  costs, in exchange for you teaching students for a set amount of time. This is a great way to get paid to travel if you are set on a particular location, which you would like to explore for a while.

Become a Flight Attendant or Work on a Cruise Ship

Perhaps you have considered getting a more formal job that allows you to travel consistently for a living. Joining an airline and becoming a flight attendant to do this can be a great way to travel often. Being a flight attendant requires strong people skills, like problem solving and great customer service.

The average salary for this work is around $80,000. Most airlines have generous travel programs that allow flight attendants to travel for free during their time off.

Working on a cruise is another great option to see different parts of the world. Whether your skillset lies as a Bartender, Event Planer, or Excursion leader, there is something for everyone on the cruising life. Different routes include the Caribbean, Alaska, and the Mediterranean.

Work as an Au Pair

Many people love the lifestyle of working as an Au Pair in a different country. This allows you to move in with a local family. You will help with tasks like raising the children, preparing dinner, and helping out around the house. 

Though these arrangements do not always put money in the pocket, they often are done in exchange for living quarters. You may enjoy a private room in the family’s residence, in exchange for your daily help with their needs. 

Looking for a great country to become an au pair in and begin your adventure? Check out this guide from Travel2There to find your perfect destination. This article will feature the top travel destinations for 2021. 

Now You Have Learned How to Get Paid To Travel

Thank you for reading this travel guide, and learning all of our helpful tips on how to get paid to travel! You are ready to set out on your next adventure. Using these strategies will help you to lower travel costs, and enjoy your time domestically or abroad for as long as possible. 

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