Upcoming Road Trip to National Parks

South Dakota, Wyoming (just barely), Montana, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, California… then who knows? Logan just graduated college and he wants to take a long road trip, focusing on National Parks. Its something I’ve been thinking about as well, so now seems to be the time.

The Badlands in South Dakota will be first on the list. We were there as a family in 2008, but Logan doesn’t have much memory of it. We’ll spend a bit of time there hiking and then on to Yellow Stone National Park, meandering into Wyoming via Montana. I’ve never been there, so it’ll be a first for both of us.

We’ll drive through Billings and Bozeman, both places I hear mentioned often but have never been. 

Come to think of it, most of the places we’ve mentioned as we’ve talked about it, I haven’t visited before…

Olympic National Forest in Washington is the last planned stop heading west. It kind of has to be since it’s on the ocean. We think we’ll spend more time here with the variety of hiking and scenery.

From this point, where we go is a little fuzzy. We could go somewhere south through Oregon on the coast, perhaps following routes 101 and 1. But we’ve also talked about heading to eastern California to see other national parks.

Pics and notes to follow as we go.

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