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Tamarack Marketplace in West Virginia off I64

Sometimes when you are traveling, you need just to take a chance on some sign you see on the side of the road. In our case, this winter, it was Tamarack Marketplace in West Virginia. We were heading to North Carolina and saw the Tamarack Marketplace sign, one of those location information signs on the highway. Having to make a pit stop and walk the dogs anyway, this seemed like a good place to go. We are so glad we did.

 Tamarack Marketplace

1 Tamarack Pl, Beckley, WV 25801

Phone: (304) 256-6843

What is Tamarack Marketplace

Tamarack is a rather large circular building with artisans’ and craftspeople’s works displayed for sale as you walk around it. The center has a courtyard and there is a restaurant inside. Along the perimeter are various studios for glass blowing, woodworking, pottery, and more.

When we visited, it was a weekday and not at all crowded. But, you can tell that we were there on a good day for us… slow and few crowds. This made it easier for the dogs (more on that later.) Because there were few people, the glass-blowing studio was the only one operating. What makes these really cool is that they are enclosed by glass walls so you can see what the artisans are doing; they have chairs along the wall so you can sit as you watch. It is really quite something.

While you walk around and look at the items, you’ll notice that they are from West Virginian craftspeople in the surrounding area. You can purchase items there, which is nice. But they have their cards displayed, so you can contact them directly if you want. I can imagine commissioning one of them for special gifts or a home project.

glassblowing studio at Tamarack Marketplace in WV.

As someone who enjoys woodworking, I was sorry that the studio wasn’t operating when we visited. But, there were some wonderful works of art on display.

As we continued through the circle, there were so many impressive displays of artistry and talent.

Tamarack is Dog Friendly

We travel with our two shelties, so it is always great to find dog-friendly places to take them. Tamarack is definitely on the list of great places for dog people.

There is plenty of space outside to walk Fido, and they provide bag stations as well.

At the entrance to the building, there are water bowls for dogs. They are at different heights so your dog will have an easier time getting a drink.

What we also liked was that we could take Izzy and Zuko inside. This was great. Because one of our pups can get pretty excited with too much activity, visiting during a low-traffic day was ideal.

dogs outside tamarack marketplace