Overlooks Places: Duke University

Visiting universities is usually something people only think about when their kids are planning to go. But, some colleges and universities have beautiful campuses with wonderful buildings and gardens. So, if you’re looking for a quick place to visit, don’t overlook universities.

This time, we made our way to Duke University in Durham, North Carolina. The university was founded almost 100 years ago in 1924 by James Buchanan Duke as an expansion of Trinity College. It is fitting that one of the most iconic buildings is the Duke Chaple.

The Duke Chaple, completed in 1930, is much more impressive than the name might lead you to believe. It is an impressive building in the gothic style that could easily be found in Europe. The Chaple is in a constant state of upkeep.

It is hard to decide which is most impressive, the architecture of the university or the setting. The hills in which Duke is located are beautiful and alone worth a trip. But the campus and the building are also quite amazing.

From the parking area on the East Campus, you walk through the athletics fields and builds. Be sure to stop by the Hall of Fame.

A short walk from the Duke athletic area, you enter the main east campus where the chapel is located. Walking through the campus is a through back in architecture that, in America, only seems to exist on some college campuses. With the well-kept grounds, taking a walk is a real pleasure.

If you are lucky enough to meet  Oscar Dantzler, the Chapel House Keeper, take some time to chat. He is funny, informative, and kind. He has been around a long time and can tell you a great deal about the operations of the chapel and its history.

As you wander through the east campus, you look for a park on the perimeter. It is beautiful (see the end of the video.)

If you are near Durham, NC, stop by Duke University. It’s a unique campus with a rich history and well worth a day to explore.

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