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Holland MI Tulip Festival!

The Holland Tulip Festival (taking place in early May) may be well known to the folks in eastern Michigan. But, I came by it purely accidentally as I was returning home in IL after dropping my daughter off at Michigan State. I decided to take some surface roads rather than the highway, and I’m grateful I did.

The Tulip Time Festival in Holland is one of the more unique events I’ve experienced, and I didn’t even get to see all the festivities.

As you can expect, there are tulips everywhere. There are all different colors and types. From flower beds along the streets to wonderfully arranged beds throughout the park, walking through Holland MI is a wonderfully bright experience during the festival.

Red Tulips and Yellow Tulips in the park in Holland Michigan

But, Tulip Time celebrates more than the tulips. It is a celebration of dutch heritage.

Residents and visitors alike line the streets to enjoy the parade, traditional dancing, and attire.

Over 9 days, the events include art fairs, walking tours, dancing, and more. This year, the festivities run May 6-May14. Visit to learn more.