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How to Avoid Sickness While Traveling

Picture this: you have landed in Rome for the trip of your dreams. Your bags are packed with all the tools you need for a great adventure. You feel a cough in the back of your throat and dread the idea of getting sick on this two-week journey. 

Unfortunately, many people pick up colds and viruses while traveling. Flying in a crowded plane, breathing in the same air, eating unknown foods, and being near many people can be breeding grounds for germs. Read on to learn how to avoid sickness while traveling.

Clean Your Hands Frequently

Though one of the simplest travel tips, this advice is often overlooked. While traveling through airports, your hands are touching railings, elevator buttons, and high-traffic surfaces. Washing your hands often helps to cut down on these germs. 

Many people prefer to carry gel hand sanitizer and conveniently use it whenever needed. The CDC recommends using hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol content to properly kill germs. Hand sanitizer works well because you can easily use it on the go. 

Whenever possible, wash your hands with hot water and soap before eating. This should last for about 26 seconds, or the length of singing Happy Birthday. Doing this before you eat can help to avoid sickness while traveling. 

Wear a Face Mask While in Confined Spaces 

During the onset of COVID-19, traveling with a face mask became the norm while on airplanes and trains. As mask mandates are being lifted all over the world, many are choosing to not use this layer of protection. 

However, continuing to wear some type of facial covering is a great way to avoid sickness while traveling. In addition to COVID-19, other common illnesses easily caught during travel are the common cold, flu, and stomach viruses. 

Check out this guide to learn about the most effective facial coverings. We recommend N95 masks and other similar respirators. 

Stay Hydrated Throughout Your Journey

Drinking lots of water while on the move is one of the best travel tips to stay healthy. Consuming an appropriate amount of water will help you to be healthy and active throughout your trip. 

Depending on your size and level of activity, between 2-3 liters per day is a good target. Other benefits of drinking water include preventing constipation, aiding digestion, regulating body temperature, and protecting organs and tissues. 

Get Plenty of Sleep During Your Travels 

Any quality travel guide will stress the importance of rest during your trip. Avoiding sickness while traveling starts with consistent rest. While you sleep, white blood cells will increase, helping you to prevent infection. 

Running on sleep deprivation will lower your immune system, and weaken your body’s ability to fend off illness. Aim for at least eight hours a night to replenish the energy supply. Also do not be afraid to take small naps during the day, to feel refreshed as you take on the day’s adventures. 

Do Not Order Ice With Your Drinks

Little known travel advice is that if the area you are in has questionable water, avoid getting ice with your beverages. Even though the water has frozen, bacteria can still survive and get you very ill. This happens especially when the ice melts into your beverage. 

Bottled drinks are the safest bet while traveling abroad. Stick with these unless you are certain the local tap water is safe. 

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Take Vitamin C Supplements and Probiotics Before Your Trip

Before you head on your travels, it is essential to prepare your body for the unknown bacteria that it may experience. Begin taking Vitamin C supplements a few days before you leave, to allow the nutrients to enter your system. The best time to take it is in the morning, around 30 minutes before your meal. 

Probiotics are also great to introduce into your body. By inserting healthy bacteria into your system, it will help to fend off harmful bacteria. Keeping yourself healthy throughout the trip will also cut down on travel costs. This keeps you far from unwanted medical visits and expensive bills. 

Be Mindful of the Sun

Bad sunburns and sun poisoning are common ways for people to not feel well on their trips. While the idea of basking in the sun all day on the Amalfi Coast sounds incredible, be mindful of how the sun will make you feel during the rest of your trip. 

Good travel advice for being safe in the sun is to always start your day wearing sunscreen. Whenever possible, avoid the sun when it is at its direct peak. This is typically between 10 am and 3 pm. Finally, wear sunglasses to keep your eyes safe in those bright rays. 

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Now You Know How to Avoid Sickness While Traveling 

Thank you for reading this travel guide, and learning how to avoid sickness while traveling. While unexpected illness can certainly disrupt the course of an exciting vacation, there are many proactive ways to limit your chances of picking up an unwanted sickness. 

Our team at Travel2There would love to join you and travel tips for your future journeys. We are experts in locations in North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. Contact us today to learn about how to plan your dream vacation.