The Ultimate Mexico Vacation Bucket List

In 2018, more than 39 million people visited various places in Mexico. If you’re someone that’s considering taking a Mexico vacation, you’ve come to the right place.

We want to help you make the most of your Mexican vacation by providing you with a bucket list of things you must do before leaving Mexico. By the time you’ve finished checking out this post, you’re going to be ready to begin your adventure and start traveling to Mexico. Let’s dive right into it!

Baja Peninsula

No vacation in Mexico is complete if you don’t take the time to travel and visit the Baja Peninsula. If you’re someone that enjoys magnificent views surrounded by beautiful seawater on all sides, you’re not going to want to miss the chance to get pictures of this breathtaking view.

We recommend that if you’re going to travel to the Baja peninsula, you plan to do so and camp on the grounds. Most people who visit this spot turn it into a camping trip, but some hotels located nearby are perfect for you and your travel companions to stay in if that’s better suited for your traveling needs.

If this is the destination you choose to visit, take time to plan your trip during the spring or winter. In the desert areas of Mexico, it can become quite hot and unbearable during a summer trip.

See Frida Kahlo’s House

Have you ever seen pictures of traditional Mexican-built and designed homes. They have brilliant mixtures of colors such as blues, greens, and oranges.

If you want to see a home like that in real life, you’ve got to visit Frida Kahlo’s house. Frida Kahlo was noted as a famous Mexican painter and became known for her beautiful portraits and paintings of native life.

Her home remains in Mexico City to represent the life she led and the work she completed. The home is known as La Casa Azul, and it also serves as a museum for those that are visiting.

When visiting, you’re going to travel back in time and get insight into her art and the things she did in her life that made her who she was known to be.

Celebrate Day of The Dead

The annual celebration of Day of the Dead begins October 31 and ends on November 2. You might have heard other names for this day, including Souls Day and All Saints Day.

During this time, family members and friends will come together to hold a celebration and take time to pray for their loved ones that have passed. Mexican families believe that their loved ones come back during the celebration, and they engage in food and drinks with their loved ones.

It’s a time of celebration rather than mourning those who are no longer with them. The air will be filled with so much life, music, and tons of colors during the celebration.

Tour Chichen Itza

If you’re someone who is into archeology, visiting Chichen Itza is the best thing for you to do. When you’re looking for it, you’ve got to visit the area located between Cancun and Merida.

During 600 AD, Chichen Itza was built by hand by the Mayan people, and they lived there until around the thirteenth century. When you visit, you’re going to have your choice of seeing three major areas.

Although this is a must-see place, you’re not going to be the only person fighting for a front-row view of its rich history. It’s for this reason we recommend that you go earlier in the day.

This will allow you to see the sights without being rushed by other visitors, and it also means that you won’t be touring the grounds during the hottest part of the day.

Take a Salsa Class

You’ve seen skilled dancers on tv or in the streets of Mexico moving their bodies to the beat of Latin music, having perfected their salsa. When you’re in Mexico, what better thing to do than learn to salsa from someone who lives in the area where the dance was created?

We recommend that you immerse yourself completely in the experience and dress the part as well. There’s something about the drama of a beautiful and vibrant Mexican outfit flowing through the room as the person wearing it performs the salsa.

When you return home, everyone will be asking you to show them how it’s done.

Try Different Cuisine

If you thought the Mexican food you order from the restaurant in your home town is good, you’ve not eaten anything yet. When in Mexico, there’s nothing better than to take time to indulge in the cuisine that they offer to tourists.

Whether you’re looking to enjoy tapas or have a taco, the amount of flavor you can expect from the food you’re going to have is out of this world. You should do your research beforehand and pick a handful of different food that you want to try while you’re there.

And one of the best things about the food in Mexico is that it’s offered at a reasonable price.

Planning a Mexico Vacation: Create the Ultimate Bucket List

When you’re planning your Mexico vacation, there are some things that you have to do while you’re in the area. If you want to experience the culture to the fullest or learn to salsa, or if you wish to take in the beauty of the area, visit the Baja Peninsula and camp on the grounds.

If you’re someone that loves all things travel, we encourage you to check out some of the other posts we’ve created on Travel2There. Anywhere you want to go, we’re sure to have something to say about it.